I Love The Hatred

I don’t have jealousy or envy in my world because I’ve transcended;

There are babies in streets with no water, food, or clothes; they need to be mended.

Legislation passes bills to enforce laws that will stifle the people,

My confidence, courage, and charisma shines bright and so regal.

Brotherhood is about helping our fellow man, after we get established,

I’m a compassionate man, but will murder ruthlessly like a savage.

People research, dig deep, and don’t comprehend my message,

God has made sure my purpose is annoyingly receptive.

I will be a publishing mogul; these fraudulent authors won’t eat;

Only the real entrepreneurs will survive this heat.

I laugh at how insecure and ignorant people are;

They try to project their own flaws towards you; they won’t get far.

I wish nothing but the best for everyone, and hope they win,

I’m a strong maker of men like the Bartendaz kin.

There are no doubts in what I plan on accomplishing for the planet,

I control an entire nation, and help the destitute who can barely manage.

Homelessness is no joke, I’ve been there myself,

I know what it’s like when nobody extends their hand for help.

My heart could eat all of these writers alive for a light snack,

I only experience positive notions, like anxiety I attack.

I don’t get nervous or fearful of anything that happens;

Because I think of those who have less when I’m napping.

Twenty-five opened my eyes; it started the inception of my publishing company,

I’ll be multimillionaire before I hit twenty-six; I’m straight stunting, see?

I have other businesses I will start to operate,

But I first need to focus on hiring a secretary and an office space.

Freelance writing and ghostwriting funded my literary career

The devil tries to trick me, but he won’t interfere.

I inspire individuals deepest desires; graceful like a massive choir,

I found my passion, so I don’t need to look for hire.

I’m the greatest writer to ever grace planet earth;

Allow my words to enter your soul, so you can know your worth.


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