The Book Community

I love the book community, but I only support the real,

I murder the fraudulent, just to eat a meal.

The youth need better direction, so we need to structure a reception;

Be present, and awaken their presence with an intellectual perception.

I won’t miss any opportunities because my mind is open,

All of my enemies I observe with the telescope; here’s hoping.

Parables and parameters pinpointing precision;

Capturing visions high above any standard of living.

The False Reality Of Martin is more refreshing than the first day of Spring,

I dictate, dominate, captivate, and fascinate because I’m a king.

Fearful of nobody on planet earth, I don’t care about aliens and their turf;

Know what you’re worth, before you end up buried in the dirt.

Understand the multi-layered deception of this world that’s produced,

Being trapped under the surface serves no purpose for the youth.

The undercover colonizers try to make everybody look awful and bad,

Just so they can wipe dirt off their names; it makes people mad.

The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The World Health Organization, and The World Trade Organization,
Seven individuals in the shadows, controlling the leaders we see like puppets for a monstrous demonstration.

What is placed in the media is showing their power of attorney,

The decisions, hideous homicides, and genocides being orchestrated on our journey.

Why should you be afraid of these cowards who want you to be like them?

I’m trying my best to turn boys into respectful, eloquent men.

God is behind me, so there’s nobody who can take my life,

When I move, even to the keenest eye, I’m out of sight.

I’m making history with this pen hustle and flow,

I don’t act or put on a performance like a show.

I grind every day to propel my essence into a new beacon,

What I’m reaping is wisdom, because its knowledge I’m seeking.

Protect your own world, and block out the rest,

Show compassion, let your heart beat outside of your chest.

If you don’t think you’re in competition you’re useless,

I decimate my adversaries and foes, I’m quick to be ruthless.


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