Hustle Harder

I’m floating in the sky like an airplane,

The softness of the brisk wind has my spirit rearranged.

The luck of draw isn’t a philosophy I preach,

The amount of effort and dedication is what I teach.

Instigation, installation, invigorating illustrious imprints;

Paragraphs are flawless–with or without an indent.

Possessing a narrative that’s undeniably imperative,

I’m under the scope, working hard, something has to give.

I could write my books on toilet paper and make sales,

In order to be successful: you need to fail.

We need to rise up by the decisions we choose to make,

Stop blaming others for the scenario of your fate.

The gossip, backbiting, hatred, and envy,

Why are you focusing on what’s petty and trendy?

There’s no need for this confusion, they want us losing,

The labyrinth is set, so the spirit isn’t improving.

I broke the spell, burned out Satan in hell, got up when I fell;

These advertisements and videos are deception–can’t you tell?

Listen closely to what’s being said, and who said it,

Stop claiming you’re acquiring knowledge from Reddit.

My vision is above the ordinary individual,

I won’t concentrate on the negative that’s incredibly pitiful.

Contentment is found within yourself from specific attitudes,

Why are you addicted to dipping into the platitudes?

Many say God first, but that’s the devil talking treachery,

My words can get you higher than ecstasy.

Philanthropy is only sincere if the person believes in themselves,

Dispersing around expenses as a tax write off isn’t knowledge-of-self.

Don’t be fooled by the fake philanthropy, done in anonymity,

I have a lot of enemies plotting on the end of me.

Too bad all of their actions against me are completely futile,

I’m young, wild, with no weaknesses imbedded in my style.

Give up what doesn’t benefit you and watch your life change,

Seek the beauty of each droplet of rain.


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