Kill The Pressure

I treat writing like a religion,

I practice my craft every day for better living.

The decisions you make today determine your future;

Life is unfair, but don’t let that stop you from being the top shooter.

Hopelessness, complaining, excuses and laziness is easy;

Patience, perseverance, diligence and constancy won’t be discovered, by watching TV

I go harder when the hatred creeps to the surface,

You should love your enemies, don’t focus on what’s worthless.

I’m an extremely humble man who intimidates,

The barriers I penetrate, inspire the destitute to innovate.

Assassination of my character is all envy can do;

Nobody can crush my spirit; this world is a zoo.

Ready for the unbearable to be endured like nudity,

My mind is open, the stars get through to me.

People try to make you digress if it doesn’t benefit them;

These are the constituents of the jealous traits of men.

I was told to stop writing because my ink was futile,

Truthfully, they’re angry about my brilliant style.

I’m in a strand of your chrosomes like DNA;

Scientific specialist, supreme mathematics forever pays.

Nobody controls the circumstances they’re born into;

Take what’s yours, never let the snakes in the grass befriend you.

Twitter fingers and Instagram hits make me laugh,

Exposing that they’re big babies like a calf.

I rebuilt my circle into a team of loyal hustlers and go-getters,

I have people on the streets behind me, I love my heavy hitters.

I have Nova Scotia behind me, the whole world in front of me,

The possibilities are endless, only the strong are hunting G’s.

All of the resources are here for your disposal,

Aim for the stars, put in work and be hopeful.

The youth are being manipulated by sales and false numbers;

Pay attention to the content substance, and message; don’t become dumber.

God first; look after your family and loved ones;

Be content with your life, when its all said and done.

Concentrate on the positive, and let God exonerate,

If you start caring about what others think, life is hard to tolerate.

My social media is full of words that haven’t happened yet,

I’m so far ahead of my time, I don’t need to practice death.

Writing my belief into existence, I will go the distance,

You won’t touch the world, without perpetual assistance.


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