It’s far from a fantasy–for us to be together,

I’m writing this poem fatigued and under the weather.

The electricity to your plug, the coffee to your mug;

We playfight in the tub, because it’s all love.

The money, jewels, estates and cars don’t impress you;

A queen with will and drive, you recognize God has blessed you.

I’m the voice of reason when you’re grieving,

You stole my heart like you were thieving.

I add faith to every step; get you believing;

This is deeper than looks, cause looks are deceiving.

Wipe the tears from your eyes, you think I’m gonna meet my demise,

I guarantee you that my enemies will get hit by surprise.

But I’m not worried about weak, jealous haters,

I just want to spoil you and make more paper.

Chasing our dreams together, focused on this cheddar,

I solemnly swear there’s no couple better.

I met you when I first started stacking vertical,

I got busy jumping over the hurdles, eradicating my foes.

Being a boss is about rising to every challenge;

Upholding responsibilities, moving in silence, proving talent.

I didn’t mean to neglect you or redirect you,

I know how special it is to respect you.

Work is a cruel mistress that calls a lot;

Answering the money, plotting on deeper thoughts.

All I ask is that you weather the storm with me,

I swear we will get through it, swiftly.

The only real queen out here proving longevity;

This is the price I pay for impeccable brevity.

Building an empire, cause we’re royalty.

A high demand; a commodity like oil fees.

Nobody can stop us or top us;

People claim their in love, but it’s all lust.


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