The Next Phenom

I’m the next international bestseller, there’s no stopping me,

Exposing the weak, fraudulent actors and hypocrisy.

Most of these people are evil, with sullied hearts,

The angel of death will tear their soul apart.

Scotian Breeze is the movement empowering the universe;

Galaxies, stars, constellations light up, cause I write the truest verse.

Aiming for the top of the game, but I’m staying underground,

I won’t be an a-list author, but the world likes how I sound.

I don’t write for money, credit or materials,

But I acquire whole grain like the best cereal.

I provide excellent service, I don’t ever get nervous,

Irresistible, irreplaceable, instilling prose well-worded.

Mediocrity wasn’t destined for me, I’m meant to ball;

Rise up higher like you never felt the fall.

Motivation is harnessed from within; strong maker of men,

I try my best to abstain from sin, the goal is to win.

Hitting the stated targets like a bow and arrow,

My essence breeds the success of a legend and a hero.

One is everlasting and the other is temporary,

You never met a man who has ever been this literary.

Calisthenics strengthens the mind, revolutionizes the spirit,

My circle is only focused on doing deeds for good merit.

I pray to receive the truth, educate and lead the youth,

Give back to the impoverished communities, and be kind to the uncouth.

Ultimate storyteller, staggering narrator, the highest passion,

The words I design are more lucrative than the finest fashion.

The takeover is ubiquitous and vociferous,

Cherishing every moment; father time is serendipitous.

Empowering the vicinity and enlightening the scene,

Friendships ended just to get this cream.

I only work with those who are scorching,

Entertainment is needed, but we must focus on what’s important.


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