Eyes Never Lie

The light in the eyes doesn’t mean fortitude;

It could easily mean buying meat, before you could afford food.

The master deceiver tries to shine brightly,

But I make him bleed gallons, don’t take him lightly.

Look for righteousness inside the eyes,

It’s not always a glow, but constitutes a prize.

Demons say they love God, but are transparent,

Believers follow the laws above–superbly adherent.

The soul can be viewed through the retina, the authenticity,

The shine is a dominant force, no matter the ethnicity.

The best qualities are expressed; nothing is recessed,

You can see whether or not the person is happy or depressed.

As for the blind, their voice is divine,

An inflection that ripples the strings of time.

Listen, carefully to the tone their using,

This will explain whether they are unified or intruding.

Its easy to tell who the real are;

When the perpetrators look in the mirror, they won’t go real far.

Beating themselves down like a stubborn nail,

My third eye has clarity, you’re just a snail.

My eyes show you decades into the future,

My writing symbolizes a bigger purpose, like Martin Luther.

The money gets taken, the thresholds are broken,

All that will be left is an arcade token.

The cunning, try to say their deep like the Grand Canyon,

Listening to music, is the only time I’m jamming.

The impossible won’t be achieved by lying,

The struggles won’t heal, by incessantly crying.

The bigger picture is more than just human creation,

It lies within the eyes and droplets of precipitation.

Just don’t be bamboozled by the light that calls,

That light will cross you, and watch you fall.


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