Pure Elevation

Preparation, planning, penetrating, passionate parameters,

My literary grind won’t be measured like diameters.

No time to chill; work and development is all I know,

The wisdom I administrate helps me grow like I’m hosting a show.

Chasing the paper, no matter what adversity is in front of me,

Every author in the world resides under me.

The most scintillating writer alive, I won’t conform,

Ask for forgiveness, you will be capable of weathering any storm.

These women love jewelry, cars, credit, and cash,

But a real queen won’t care about those things; she’ll accept your past.

It’s all or nothing, like a poker game I see you’re bluffing,

I get higher than the green I’m puffing.

You won’t get anywhere hating on my astounding writing,

Envy is a fatal weakness, go do something that’s exciting.

An official man, taking over the publishing industry,

I’m a contender holding all the keys, because I’m independent, see?

I don’t want to be anybody else but me;

It’s flattering to see strangers copying me.

Unbelievably humbled, ready to rumble like a wrestling match,

I have the entire province behind me; that’s a fact.

Ready to commit a homicide if its you or I,

But I know you haters aren’t ready to die.

My personality changes up instantly if you plan to test me,

Don’t be angry because all the women that surround me are bad and sexy.

Creating philosophical theories on the page, they hold weight,

Brainstorming idea’s made me cement my fate.

I spread love to everyone, until they decide to disrespect,

My eyes are on you like the x and y intercepts.

Immaculate perception, the inception is sweeter than confection,

I won’t pay for protection; God is a priceless connection.

Literary genius, scintillating wordsmith, spectacular businessman;

Worldwide fan base in Brazil, England, Australia and Japan.


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