I’m On It

I tackle new challenges, embrace the ambiance,

Ignorance doesn’t require a response.

Silence is an asset, the human brain is placid,

I burn through the barriers like acid.

Giving up is a decision for those who love the easy route,

Design a creative sphere that builds God’s house.

Complaining and negativity isn’t warranted when you’re alive,

I was born to thrive, not throw in the towel and survive.

I adore the hatred, so I receive fake love,

I’m legendary like Michael Jackson’s white gloves.

I lay back and wonder how I’ll be hotter than this summer,

Smartphones and Google are generated to make us dumber.

The internet is a web that traps the non-believers,

But those true in faith earn revenue; call us the global retrievers.

Chase your dreams truly and listen to people speak about stagnation,

You are ahead of those who don’t understand how to build on elevation.

I’m sick like I caught a sizzling fever,

I turn the darkest hearts into believers.

My readership tunes into me like a radio station,

The anticipation is a heavenly gift like precipitation.

Accepting what happened is forgiveness from within,

But don’t forget to repent consistently for your sins.

Lessons are taught to improve the world’s disposition,

Trust your intuition, grind hard, never ask for permission.

Riding with killer’s, making boss decisions,

My inner-vision is a priceless incision in demand more than television.

Three to four hour nights, taking power naps,

I’m up before the sun shines to bridge the gap.

You can go out and turn up if you’d like,

I’m focused on stacking cheddar higher than a kite.

Hustling is an innate ability, only for those who possess humility,

Every hour I’m becoming stronger, with a heightened sense of virility.


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