Finest Play

People say God bless you, but do they really mean it?

The devil tricks people into thinking it’s good to be an evil genius.

There are only a select few who are truly special,

The rest live to lust and impress you.

Hatred is taught in the education system,

Parasites see others doing well, and want to diss them.

Peace is a direct link to God and his insurmountable power,

My words bloom like flowers, and stay intact like an ivory tower.

Only chase after necessities, breaking records,

Creating chemical reactions in the laboratory like Dexter.

I’m awake when others are sleeping,

The remedy to poverty is never going out of style like a harmonious greeting.

I’m here to stay like the cycle of night and day;

Even when the world went against me I found a way.

I’m much smarter than what you believe,

The finest thoughts are induced from intrigue.

Searching for love isn’t the correct formula,

Love finds you due to an immediate euphoria.

Passion develops enthusiasm into a feeling better than an orgasm,

I have the writing world on lock like a muscle spasm.

Nothing ever happens before its time,

I’m far from my prime, I was born to shine.

People are programmed into believing lies;

Adamant on wearing clothes before they dry.

Save money before you decide to spend it,

Chase after goals, and value your independence.

Anybody can be polite, but manners are for the real,

I write words you can feel, while you eat your meal.

The sweeter the deal, the tighter the seal,

You won’t catch me slipping like a banana peel.

The vindictive visualize violent vicissitudes,

But I stay positive, there aren’t any interludes.


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