Locked In

Constancy is about pushing beyond your limits,

I started on my next novel, before the previous is finished.

Writing in the mind is the optimal way to bleed ink,

Every verse I write makes you stop and think.

Real life is about solving problems, finding the right solutions,

A smooth homicide is the excellence of execution.

Insatiable desire when it comes to feeding my hunger,

I’m ravenous like I haven’t eaten a meal for seven summer’s.

I’m alone most of the time, concentrated on the grind,

Y’all don’t know how I move, I redefine time.

The city is talking, it’s calling my name,

The top has a prerequisite for struggle and pain.

Planting seeds of wisdom because it’s Beezy season;

Cross me and I’ll leave your whole family grieving.

You’ll go missing like a crustacean at the bottom of the ocean,

But listen closely: my vision is above the commotion.

Living forever would be boring, I hear people snoring,

My imprint is eternal, like a lion I’m roaring.

The status of evolution I reside in doesn’t subside,

I hop onto the next star and continue to ride.

I stay up all day and night just to write,

Grant respite, spread light, and stay fly like a kite.

Kush and whiskey is a lubricant I rely on;

The words flow out, I move underground like my image is gone.

I let people talk foolishness because I don’t care,

You won’t interfere, I don’t have any fear.

I’m pacing while I’m on the phone; money doesn’t stop moving,

The meetings are profitable, so I’m never losing.

My record is spotless, nobody on planet earth can stop this,

Prepared by a prophet, I’m a general who doesn’t need audit.

Never reveal my intentions, to administrate ascension,

My retirement is going to be comfortable with no pension.


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