Back On The Grind

I lost the essence of my grind for a minute,

Currently: I’m going even harder; my soul is replenished.

Neglecting your true talent is distancing yourself from the creator,

You won’t change levels like an elevator.

A minimum of one hundred hours per week are the requirements,

I plan on having an unbelievably comfortable retirement.

Money is on the table and its calling my name,

I fuel my writing with passion and produce flames.

I’m one of the baddest men to ever walk on planet earth,

You never met anyone cooler because I realize what I’m worth.

Assembling a team of bread winner’s,

We work like we’ve never eaten dinner.

I’d rather work for sixteen hours everyday than relax,

I’m the king, and I’m not just talking about Halifax.

Laziness is the making of negativity and lack of virility,

The higher I rise the more I comprehend humility.

I’m holding more accountability for my actions,

Telling stories that have gained more traction.

You need to believe deeply in your visions,

I’ve never doubted myself, even when my soul embraced a collision.

Nothing in this life is for free, you pay with time,

I’m going to shine with the finest dimes.

The tank hasn’t even been emptied, I thrive off my thoughts,

I have novels, poetry, and scripts sealed in the vault.

Save the gossip for the ladies, cause I’m crazy,

Smoking the best weed in the country; my early mornings are hazy.

Kale and strawberry smoothies got me feeling groovy,

Every time I step outside I make an award-winning movie.

Critically acclaimed; I never cared about fame,

The bad reviews only add value to my name.

The literary awards sharpened my narrative sword,

I’m the plug and the cord; two swings will leave you stiff like a board.


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