Let me revive you, inspire you, and make you realize your potential,

I practice what’s essential to sharpen my credentials.

Publishing is only the beginning stages,

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is timeless and ageless.

The False Reality Of Martin broke the mold like the greatest creation;

Thrive off vital penetration of prosperous invitations.

Ladies Prism romances the world like the Romans did it,

Whatever I ask God for I get it, like a fresh fitted.

I possess so much passion that I burn out the flames in hell,

My name rings bells, I don’t need to yell.

Praying for the world to become a better place,

I’m up at 5AM to seek Allah’s grace.

I’m not shallow, but I only surround myself with good looking women,

I love the ugly women, but most of them are sullen.

Tricks are stupid, just be straight forward and honest;

Follow through with your words, value your promise.

Confidence gets you further than arrogance,

Don’t judge individuals off their appearance.

I don’t have any insecurities because I’m always growing,

The marketplace loves the way my words are flowing.

The vibrancy of my skin shines like a constellation;

Bright like a light bulb, building up the future generation.

Jugular Spirits is a horrific novel that’s hauntingly amazing,

I hurt these author’s, they suffer severe abrasions.

Four novel’s coming strong in 2016;

There’s more than one way to get this cream.

Professional businessman, whose redeveloping the ultimate demeanor,

My disposition is cheerful, happy and stern like my femur.

I move around smoothly like a classic movie;

Real queens move me and soothe me.

Confidence, charisma, companionship and chemistry,

You only flourish off insightful, positive energy.


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