I knew I would be fly, influential, wealthy, and successful from the beginning,

I teach others about the publishing industry, let’s keep winning.

Most people know absolutely nothing about me,

They just want to speak about me because they doubt me.

I never let opinions change my determination and drive,

Everyone has a gift, but most won’t unwrap it to survive.

And you can follow others and never prosper;

Anytime or any hour I’m preparing the youth to foster.

Expand your mind, learn more about atmospheres and surroundings,

Picture’s are snapped to be perfect, write something astounding.

Mangos in the summer, riding a new wave,

Steadfast under duress like a fresh shave.

Marketing my novels to perfection like a lethal injection,

Giving the universe cosmic direction.

Author’s read through hundreds of book’s to write one,

The resources are consumed before the creativity is done.

Scotian Breeze is the movement empowering the planet,

The public is addicted, they demand it.

Always creating new doors and opportunities,

I pieced the entire province together; that’s what I call unity.

The impression of expressions is an everlasting blessing,

When I write, lessons are constantly in session.

The dirt I’ve done requires no confessions;

Only repentance to Allah is interesting.

Hustling until my body gets buried in a coffin,

I give a new meaning to my grind often.

Predicting the future like I already live there,

I’m inside the essence of beauty like swimwear.

Reeling new readers in every time my pen ignites,

The paper continues to call my name to my delight.

Working hard to prove my purpose is indispensable,

Imperative, above the stars, my actions are sensible.


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