Bills Of Passion

A relentless grind consists of monotous activity,

Gratitude and patience are the main elements of humility.

Why is the devil working overtime during these rough times,

Because the world neglected the creator and chose to believe false rhymes.

The ostensible hands of shadows are snakes who rattle,

They won’t beat me, I’m always prepared to battle.

Perspiration during peace constitutes a win during war,

You can win if you work hard and believe you can soar.

Jugular Spirits was written in twenty-one days,

I only conduct businesses, and invest my bread in what pays.

I scare demons, devour weaklings, and rule the literary world,

My babygirl will be flyer than me, she’ll be beyond thorough.

Enter Nova Scotia and survive because I said so,

I have the goons ready to blast you into the sky, eradicating my foes.

Planning underground, putting pressure on the non-believers;

Controlling, upholding, murdering all of the foolish deceivers.

Even the wisest souls make mistakes and do stupid things,

I fail a lot, but my success outshines the lust for bling.

The world rulers live in a different colony,

They run a hidden agenda so secret they administrate every lobotomy.

They yearn to make every human look tarnished and horrendous,

But the truth is: I’m an inspiration whose power is tremendous.

Papoose is the greatest hip hop artist to ever touch the mic,

I thrive off his insight and love to see him give artists delight.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, because devotion always wins,

I could strike anyone down like bowling pins.

Unified the entire province, I’m in demand like pharmaceuticals,

Created my own lane, screw a sweaty cubicle.

I’m an international man who runs a swift enterprise,

Such a real soul that I get acused of being a liar.

Serious with a good sense of humor, don’t believe in rumors,

Money calls and puts me on the other line to capitalize off the consumers.


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