Blasian Hero

I’m a superhero breaking through ground zero,

I will have a clothing line full of successful apparel.

Endorsements with popular clothing companies,

They love my hustle and style, I have the best market’s hunting me.

Magazine covers with international stars is what I call eye candy,

Staying true to myself is the only proponent that’s handy.

I write when I’m dead tired, while others sleep,

My mind stays up; all of my enemies are scared and weak.

I treated a living hell like it was the gate to heaven,

Started grinding harder, I knew one day my checks would be figures of seven.

I write stories that stand the test of time like religious scriptures,

I love my family infinitely much more than you will see in pictures.

The level of my success is limitless in commerce,

I tacked every realm, just study my verse.

A true businessman who gets fast results,

My spirit is above what you can exalt.

I won’t stop for stop signs, I make them halt,

My cash is hidden in the ground like I buried a vault.

I’m one of the baddest, most ferocious men to ever grace the earth,

One of the coolest individuals to plant seeds in dirt.

I watch my crops grow, as the seasons change,

Every single one of my beliefs are within range.

Once I set my mind to complete the mission it’s done,

I burn hotter than the sun, make bread out of crumbs.

I love new responsibilities and to conquer all challenges,

Passing every rest with flying colors, you won’t drown the kid.

Name a legend and my presence can make them larger,

I’m the plug of all connections like a phone charger.

Mobbing on the streets deep underground, sitting at the round table,

Planning boss moves, covering linear graphs like basic cable.

The entrepreneurial spirit invests in property like monopoly,

You’re just playing the game, but I’m doing it properly.


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