Higher Than The Moon

I treat writing like a rocket on the launch pad,

I’ll make a good girl turn bad, make her happy when she’s sad.

People are asking me how I write magically,

The truth is that I triumphed over tragedy.

Who doesn’t want to live lavishly?

I’m close to the murderers, who live savagely.

Above the average, breaking the law for fun,

I move in silence, so far I’ve had a good run.

I will be conducting business with P. Diddy,

Anybody who has the will, drive, and determination is coming with me.

Looking after others livelihood is what I build on,

Everyone whose around me is a boss, just read their palms.

Smoking the most potent haze on sunny days,

Shining like the rays hitting the edge of the bay.

My circle is full of vicious dogs who bite and never bark,

You better step your game up, stop playing in the park.

Hustle like you won’t get a day to live again,

I spice up your life because I’m nice like cinnamon.

Grind out throughout the rough times to seek pleasure,

I change the weather, dropping showers, becoming better.

Don’t be surprised when three of my novel’s chart the top three spots,

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Koble, and iTunes, I’m solid as a rock.

Undeniable Immortality will be released in early December,

My 3rd novel of the year, everyone will remember.

A mystifying tale that ignites life hotter than tinder,

I charge readers for my services rendered.

Knocking out writers, I’m beating them senseless,

I have a cult following and an apprentice.

Created a prodigy, who has been labelled an oddity,

Nobody on this planet will succeed at robbing me.

Writing until the sunrises, planning other enterprises,

I prepare for the worst, and expect the best, so there are no surprises.


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