Purposeful Movements

I prescribe the antidote through my words like a prescription,

The nicest author to have ever written fiction.

Where are you planning on going?

Are you making more than what you’re showing?

I’m climbing to the top like I reached the peak of a mountain,

Refreshing sustainability within my prose like a fountain.

I love when people talk behind my back,

I’m ahead of everyone in Canada, that’s a fact.

Strategically advancing on the board like chess,

I put pressure on these writer’s like a full court press.

Keep your mind open, and expand your reach,

Cut off those who suck blood out of you like a leech.

If you can’t build with the individual, then the situation is critical,

The impact I make is legendary and biblical.

I’m the holiday hit man in the publishing industry,

Knocking off those who act like friends to me.

Locked in on each step I need to take,

I’m after receiving real love, so I can get this cake.

Dancing my way to the bank, while smiling bright,

My fists land like steel, always prepared to fight.

Plan, execute, and create your own opportunities,

I love freedom, independence, truth, and brotherhood, I shine like jewelry.

It doesn’t matter the location or block,

I’ll find you easily, and take you out of your socks.

Fame is designed by an atrocious monster,

I don’t need attention or a thoroughbred sponsor.

I support myself and climb higher up the ladder,

Bursting you open like bladder, laughing at all the chatter.

A businessman whose gifts have been unwrapped twice,

I paid the price, so I sacrificed for a brand new life.

Chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, stainless marble floors,

Luxury vehicles, and millions in cash, but I only want more.


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