Unwrapped Gifts

The only lane I know is hustle, the only life I live is fast,

I move smoothly like a Bentley; thank God for a worldwide G pass.

Montreal is missing me, a lot of memories in DG,

Returning is inevitable, but before I do I’ll be on TV.

Lost a lot soldiers on the ups and downs of my journey,

The way I used to live was like a cinematic picture trying to burn me.

Switching up is a must, you lose touch,

Old friends become your biggest haters, breaking the seal of trust.

This world is so cold that it’s a beautiful tapestry,

Luxury vehicles are nice, but I’d rather live lavishly.

Writing to eat, fighting the heat, all of my enemies are on retreat;

Mystifying, enigmatic, creating static on every heartbeat.

Hate isn’t in my heart, I workout at the park,

Pull up like I’m stunting in the hood, swimming with the sharks.

The next step of evolution is always a form of uprooting,

Writing tragedies, developing strategies like a director shooting.

Only becoming better every time I write something down,

Earned the crown, it takes many responsibilities to run the town.

Sleeping five hour nights is the normal,

Sometimes I don’t sleep for days, cause I’m supernatural like a thermal.

Middlemen work for the bosses, they don’t deal with me,

I created my own doors to open and his the keys.

Chasing this paper means I don’t ever chill,

There’s no time for thrills, only prepared to go in for the kill.

Love is love and I receive it from the correct people,

Prayer and work are essential to life, they make me regal.

Cutting off the cancer, not answering my phone and deleting texts,

The road to affluence told me I’m next.

Money only means more options and demands,

I surpass every challenge, because I listen to God’s commands.

Kush comes by the pound, liquor is purchased by the litre,

The largest giant in the underground, even have a good connect for heaters.


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