Perpetual Hunger

I used to have people around that were trying to hold me back,

I write gold, God has my back, I distribute words like crack.

Losing friends and family members told me I was doing what’s right,

I give the blind sight, unreachable being whose catching a flight.

Passion takes courage, charisma, patience, and consistency,

I took a different path from a wondrous epiphany.

Molding my writing into the most inspiring words,

Every day I grind harder, the world thinks it’s absurd.

I’m told to slowdown, take a rest and get comfortable,

Hunger has an appetite that’s insatiable.

Moving fast, born to last like the transactions of cash;

Exposing the fraudulent and breaking you out like a rash.

One look in your eye’s tells me that your trash,

Only the true hustlers will understand my path.

Losing sleep just to eat and push out stories,

I owe everything to God and his powerful glory.

Faith is what makes dreams come true,

I’m higher than the sky that’s blue.

Looking down on the competition, arrogance and haters,

You might be great, but I’m greater.

Rectify the worst situations, create innumerable innovations,

Start something and go hard like the downfall of precipitation.

Learn how to barter, understand the charter,

Live like a saint with the heart of a martyr.

The largest simplicity is the eloquence of speech,

The complexity is the purpose you teach.

I’m much different than the average, the other side of me is a savage,

You need to comprehend and sacrifice a lot to live lavish.

Peace is what I worship and live under,

My footsteps are crashing down on the earth like thunder.

Security guards aren’t needed, the creation of my future is superseded,

I work until my energy levels are depleted, making other authors look egregious.


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