Zoned In

Even the cleanest women love a thug’s narrative,

I’m one of the baddest men on the earth, it’s imperative.

I don’t waste a word, sentence, paragraph, or chapter,

Deviating away from all of the common factors.

Life needs to be learned, so you can earn and boss up,

The winning route means you need to get your losses up.

But once you break the threshold, the rain starts to pour,

Grinding hard for more, and I’m not talking about a book tour.

The incarcerated and deceased inspire me to produce,

Pushing buttons, writing, balling, shooting, moving and getting loose.

The connections I have cross boarders and dominate continents,

We are all under the creator’s divine providence.

How could you decide to go against me?

All it accomplishes is your life being pushed back a century.

It’s Beezy Season, which is fresher than spring cleaning,

Scotian Breeze is a lifestyle movement with infinite meaning.

Eating nutritious, going in deep on the calisthenics,

Improving my aesthetic, thriving off energy that’s kinetic.

You can hear, feel, see, and smell the essence of fitness health,

Majority of these women are out here killing themselves.

I’m here to change the destruction into formidable production,

The rarity of my breed is like a volcanic eruption.

I don’t fall for sexual seduction, I know how to function,

Hitting the high way, you won’t catch me in the junction.

Once the traffic comes I ponder the greatest story ideas,

I leave you with an aftertaste of sweetness like sangria.

Third eye is locked on the prize until my demise,

I don’t care about the past, have no need to despise.

Ridicule only makes you look like a fool,

I’m fresh like the cleanest pool, carrying the province on my back like a mule.

Are you going to stay shallow or jump in the deep end?

A leap of faith will cause you to lose most of your family and friends.


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