Almost There

Less than a mile away from my destination,

Obstacles get thrown in the way, but can’t handle my penetration.

Travelling through the sojourn of life is a tough road,

But don’t give up on your dreams, I stick to the street code.

You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for,

When it rains it pours, I’m concentrated on opening new doors.

No time for negativity, gossip, chilling or back biting,

I treat the pen like a sword and keep on slicing.

Higher than the stars, moving faster than luxury car’s,

I’m colder than Pluto and out of this world like Mars.

The universe keeps calling my name; telling me to rise up,

Working out like it’s my last session to get my size up.

Men and women playing games should be ashamed,

Truthfully, they’re lost in the depression of their pain.

I love the rain, grey skies, and clouds that give me energy,

When sunny day’s come, I’m on a flight like an itinerary.

Predisposed precision that has a punctual inner-vision,

Defeating my enemies, conquering the world on my mission.

Revamping my failures, staying true to myself,

Cut from a cloth that only brings in wealth.

I know where to look and find the best connections;

Surpassing the majority, providing the believers direction.

People cut me off when I speak, they aren’t hearing me,

Deeply fearful of the rarity in my words that show clarity.

Wonderful things happen from a positive mindset,

Every book, poem, and short story I write is timeless.

Dictating and dominating the underground, and impacting the mainstream,

I chase hard after everyone of my dreams to get this cream.

Love never dies if it’s a genuine feeling,

Drop the lure in the water, focus on what you’re reeling.

The tongue is the strongest muscle, the mind is the strongest action,

Mathematical with my marketing campaign like a fraction.


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