Winning doesn’t require luck, it takes discipline,

Resting for a brief period, then I’m at it again.

All night sessions on the blank page creating brilliance,

Secure and sure of myself, the highest form of resilience.

Independence is an attribute that dominates,

Stop falling for myths the media propagates.

I put my heart and soul into every word, but I ask for more;

Working hard doesn’t seem like enough to soar.

Planning a dynasty that my persistence is built for,

The repetitions don’t stop, sweat is dripping from my pores.

Forever focused, my devotion to writing is unwavering,

Breaking through the unseen like water with flavoring.

Showing up early to appointments, trying to invest,

I treat hours like the minutes are about to be compressed.

Waking up before the sun rises, admiring the moon;

A butterfly whose waiting to burst out of its cocoon.

I’m surpassing those who are at the top of the food chain,

I don’t care about the credit, money or fame.

Do what you love to help other’s succeed,

Reconcile disagreements between believers and intercede.

Taking no for an answer is giving up before you started,

Set sail on a destination or leave your ship departed.

No sleep is what I’m aware of every week,

Working around the clock is the only way to reach my peak.

Pushing myself harder everyday like I won’t win,

But I’m guaranteed success like the Japanese yen.

My eyelids are heavy like the weight of the world,

I won’t let them shut, I’m
doing it all for my babygirl.

The spark is activated, making the miserable exasperated,

I have the entire planet captivated like the evidence to an affidavit.

The chill button doesn’t exist,

Blessings are sometimes disguised in the mist.


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