Here, There, Everywhere

Leaving footprints in the sand by God’s command,

Making a mark on the world that the future will demand.

Completed all of my dreams and made the world a better place,

Exposed societies lies, improved the advancement of the human race.

There’s nothing left on my list of goals,

Awakened the greatness in some of the finest souls.

Taught others to strive for what seemed unreachable,

Showed them they could grab and hold onto what’s reachable.

Most people wake up and run around asleep,

Just because your eyes are open, doesn’t mean you’re on fleek.

I won’t be forgotten, I will be remembered like the coldest month in December,

They will celebrate my born day like a ritual in November.

Changing the beats of people’s hearts into vitality,

They didn’t want me to shine, but I made the spotlight my reality.

Even when I tried my best, I asked myself for more,

I pushed myself back up, depended on the strength of my core.

A sense of purpose is only found in your deepest passion,

It will open up other doors to unsullied actions.

Belief is only the first step up the mountain of truth,

Actions are consistent, positive habits that provide the proof.

Asking for forgiveness every day, trying to improve every second,

Showing less than what I have, even when I’m flexing.

There’s nothing that I can’t go out and get,

And believe me: you can do it too if you unwrap your gift.

Pass through the fire to see the beauty of heaven,

I feel like I’m an hour away from the following day like eleven.

Being accountable for your own actions is how to thrive;

Plunge into the deepest water’s, take the dive.

Challenges present more obstacles, and they build integrity,

Money means more options to leave an indelible legacy.

I’m a proud Canadian who has a presence from Japan to Germany,

Satan knocks on my door, but he isn’t burning me.


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