She moves gracefully like a ballet dancer,

You have a question; she’ll supply the answer.

The center of attention without making an attempt,

The fiery gates of hell, she’s exempt.

Burned a hole in the equator from the flames she ignites,

If a script needs polishing, they call her for a rewrite.

Adventurous and ready to go on an excursion,

She’s not caught up in senseless diversions.

An aptitude for languages like immersion,

Amputation on the sick like a surgeon.

She enables intelligence, comedy, and confidence,

She lets the sermon commence, understands the value of recompense.

Preparing the world for a bountiful eternity,

School isn’t always about learning, but you earn a degree.

She feels like life is a series of dreams completed,

Gets up and goes harder after being defeated.

I just explained a woman who doesn’t get enough credit,

I speak my mind, I don’t care if you get offended when I said it.

Fakeness isn’t something I promote, I only elevate my clout,

The mainstream hears me, but only the underground knows what I’m about.

Beauty doesn’t signify the centre of goodness like ethics and morality,

Most people are working to earn a salary.

I’d rather design my life, instead of accepting the rules,

Being bad needs balance to be cool.

The best things in life aren’t what’s free,

It’s the beauty of creating what you need to be.

Nothing worth having will stay without working hard,

I’ve been grinding hard and playing my cards.

The deck gets shuffled, but it doesn’t impede my hustle,

Benefiting profusely from my mind that’s supple.

Everyone deserves purified water, food, and shelter,

Sometimes you won’t realize what you’ve had until you felt her.


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