The Explosion

I let my pen move towards the notion of God’s storm,

Producing words that will keep your heart warm.

Babies are born, lives are murdered as I write this,

Hitting the jugular vein of the spiritless and and lifeless.

Life is what you plan and design to refine time,

I won’t stop for anybody, I only know how to stay on my grind.

Supernatural, superhero tactics, worldly vibrations like a space station;

Orbiting above the visions of the past, present, and future of the entire nation.

International moves only improves the mood I exude,

I have a lot to prove; only know about exceptional manners, screw being rude.

It doesn’t matter what you want for me, because I will accomplish more,

Even if you expect the best for me, I open unseen doors.

All of the hatred, jealousy, and envy only inspires me to work like a slave,

I’m putting my heart into every word until I meet the grave.

Speaking solemnly, creating monopolies, fulfilling my prophecy,

Most people are soft cowards, caught up in the realm of monotony.

People smile in my face with the intentions of trying to finish me,

Worst case scenario: I’m robbing you of your energy.

I’m not acclimated with the fears of being murdered,

I shine brightly, and watch my style explode, I’m a brilliant inserter.

When the world decided to turn their back towards me,

I created stories with deeper meanings of allegory.

Giving up isn’t part of my DNA like the drama king Kay Slay,

I’m only interested in philosophies that lead to a bigger pay.

The hustle cannot be taught, you need to be born with the multiplication of a plot,

I see what you thought, and then tie your body up in a knot.

You can only seize an opportunity that you love and create,

Don’t mistake the genuine nature of others for hate.

I wear out all of my enemies like old clothes and sneakers,

Every day I aspire to dig deeper into the essence of my features.

Living in the fast lane, taking every business transaction seriously,

But I have a sense of humour that makes you think I’m positioned precariously.


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