Living To Win

Challenge yourself to empower your health,

Stop getting locked up like a belt.

Invigorating the destitute, setting new writing precedence,

I do my due diligence, to keep my publishing relevant.

The genuine will always say how underrated you are,

Staying underground traveling through tunnels like a car.

Mapping out my entire life on the blank page,

Only three pages of planning for a business to grow and age.

Keep a concise record of how you implement ideas,

Sleep is optimal, but I neglect it to plant seeds like chia.

Six figures is nice but it means nothing to me,

I worked hard to earn my stunting degree.

Most of my acquaintances are praying on my downfall,

I could face any kind of adversity and stand tall.

My book tour will add serious enlightenment to my dome,

But there’s only one place that I can call home.

Message so flexible that it hits every decibel,

I feed you healthy words like green vegetables.

People are comfortable with being lazy,

Put your soul into driving ambition further, and get called crazy.

You’ll never see what I deal with behind the scenes,

Nobody can track me or stop me from completing my dreams.

Entrepreneurial endeavors can be volatile like the weather,

My footsteps break up the ground, but I move lighter than a feather.

Stopping is only meant to be executed in traffic,

I need to keep going to get this cabbage.

I live in the underworld and cherish the underground,

The mainstream stirs up controversy and worships the sound.

I inspire minds, refine time, facilitate my grind;

Decimate swine, age like wine, persevere through any bind.

Most people love the convenience of fast food,

But their marketing teaches you to deceive and be rude.


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