Boss Up

Men are worried about what other men do,

Queens watch your back more than your crew.

I never trust anyone completely,

God is the only entity who can defeat me.

Never do things for money, only to personify a feeling,

Wheeling and dealing before my natural life hits the ceiling.

The grind is for survival, the hustle is for generational wealth,

Something I can give to my kids to empower their health.

Sleeplessness becomes a way of life in the beginning stages,

After the lift off, you can wake up when you please, the energy is contagious.

Peace and love isn’t earned without the presence of chaos,

Most people become engulfed in evil and get lost.

I don’t believe anything people tell me about others,

Because they’re really exposing themselves undercover.

If I can’t build with you then don’t try to come around,

I swear to God if you disrespect me I’ll put you underground.

Living with losses isn’t for bosses,

We embrace the victory no matter what the cost is.

Sometimes I don’t think straight unless I get high;

Medicated off Mary Jane until I die.

I won’t reveal what people choose to tell me,

I don’t sell stories, I’m focused on selling me.

I love the children, prepared to build a better tomorrow,

Too many individuals have no originality, they imitate a style that’s borrowed.

Words have no meaning, unless their action is brought into existence;

That’s why you feel my passion and understand the difference.

I’m getting my weight up, laughing at the hate,

A lot of actors in my face with no pay rate.

If you do something for attention your insecure,

Stop sleepwalking through life, by administrating a blurr.

Whenever I act on a circumstance I’m sure,

I’m one of the baddest men on the planet, the public concurs.


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