Quitting Is For Losers

Everyone has thought about giving up,

Winners propel above the expectations, they don’t depend on luck.

Losers won’t commit to an idea they think deeply about;

Why ask for attention and then get aired out?

Principles are meant to be followed strictly,

Swimming in deep waters makes the land fishy.

Implement, execute and represent reputable causes,

Don’t get caught in the deception of mirages.

The layers of lies most people are trapped in is blinding,

When they look back, their life isn’t worth rewinding.

I have a lot of love for my enemies, but love my family much more,

Unlock your wings, stabilize your core and get ready to sore.

Accountability is a crucial element to the recipe of success,

Actions don’t require a reaction, give the negativity a rest.

Opinions don’t change the world or make an impact,

It’s just a discussion going in circles; we must end that.

The flow of ideas that have plans and actions behind them,

This is what the world perceives as perfect timing.

Many individuals have lost their patience and concentration,

They attend events and parties without receiving an invitation.

Real men don’t depend on a woman for their daily bread,

They only depend on themselves to get fed.

Respect those who respect themselves, who cares about everybody else,

All they care about is disrespect and focus on what’s hazardous to their health.

Acceptance and denial, fine lines between a truthful document and corrupted file,

Distinguish the difference between a genuine expression and a fake smile.

I’m never worried, I stopped rushing and started devouring the finest curry,

Queens possess longevity, these other girls are always in a hurry.

Pulmonary vein and the jugular vein is how I attack,

Attracting the attention like fast cars on a racetrack.

The situation doesn’t matter because I’ll survive any occurrence,

I can keep your life intact like the payment on insurance.



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