This writing isn’t about me or my aspirations,

I share my experiences with you to teach generation’s.

I stopped attempting to motivate people who are living lies,

They’re so blinded by deception, they won’t even try.

Most people become engulfed under a curse,

Always worrying about nothing, continuously expecting the worst.

Nobody can bring me down or strip my crown,

I won’t paint the town red, I’ll paint it brown.

There’s a fine line between self-love and narcissism,

I believe in independence to implement nepotism.

Ignorant people are arrogant it’s apparent,

We’re all unaware of something, getting locked in the interference.

This world is cold, heartless, and treacherous,

But even beautiful outcomes derive from a deficit.

News and radio are full of propaganda and scripts,

But there are special individuals who show their gifts.

Trust your soul, follow your heart and pursue your destiny,

Getting high on life is the purest form of ecstasy.

Making a killing means you’re deading off the competition,

I’m never comfortable with what I have, you feel it in my prepositions.

I survive alone, build a home, you hear it in these poem’s,

I’m everywhere like Google Chrome, I built my empire on my own.

My vision is high above what most people think,

Determination and perseverance behind my essence, so I won’t sink.

I don’t care about your ten dollar conversations,

I’m only speaking about ideas, creativity, and innovation.

This life is a gift, but I care about what happens after,

I plan on leaving this world at peace and with laughter.

The believers have it tough, so I work harder;

When you’re asleep, I’m passing through bills like charter.

My imagination is what creates my reality,

I have confidence so clear, it impales the depths of actuality.


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