State Of Engagement

Tapping into individuals psychology like I redesigned a lobotomy,

The true grind isn’t monotonous, triggering the purest ontology.

Inside the media like apprised journalists,

Money isn’t the thorough way to get rich.

Knowledge is the freedom to discover facts and ride,

Close ties, like the mob with their payroll of homicide.

Anything within existence that sprouts and grows,

I’m focused on progression and it shows by how I flow.

Fascinating, intriguing, seeing what others aren’t believing,

Truth speaking, planting seeds, every look you see is deceiving.

Cemented a position at the top like the peak of a mountain,

Underground breaking through the pavement; more refreshing than a fountain.

Association’s is an annual demonstration of the castration of this great nation,

Pointing fingers at each other that’s giving the public anticipation.

Wake up, view the oppressors trying to divert dirt from their name’s,

Yet they go unnamed and insist the treacherous design of fame.

Attention is nice, but stop being duped,

They won’t take me alive, I fight, stab, swing, and shoot.

The antidote, healing the pain, anguish, and torture,

I can gurantee this summer will be a scorcher.

Writing comes so easy like the inception of death,

Cherish your breath like the secret that’s best kept.

Gangsters in the government trick the masses to abide by a covenant,

I’m shining this year like the film The Revenant, cause I’m heaven sent.

Building with the brightest, moving like I’m the lightest,

The determined see brand new opportunities in a crisis.

Eight hours on the blank page, another four are spent reading,

The twelve hour grind doesn’t change the patterns you’re seeing.

Another three for marketing, branding and promotion,

One hour of training hard in controlled motions.

The rigorous tasks of completing objectives,

I’m here to empower, enlighten, and energize your perspective.


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