New Life

Vivid visions of better living lavishly at the top,

Luxuries of cars, beautiful women, vacations that are scorching hot.

But I don’t write solely for money even though I’ll get it,

Speaking my reality into existence, tailored writing like a fitted.

Devoted to my future children Zinora and Kailen,

Inside the depths of my heart I was born to win.

Pescatarian, the hatred is silent, I’m not hearing them,

The millions are directly in front of me to support my kin.

I’m not going anywhere, residing on this planet for peace and longevity,

Giving an entirely new meaning to the word brevity.

Lets go, lock in and stay focused on the grind,

Working hard, producing originality in this world of mimes.

Tired of taking the bus with a fresh perspective on the cusp,

Envy is a common trait, there’s nobody you can trust.

Focused on my own plans, preparing for the worst,

I rise above the rest, but having superior gifts is a curse.

Confidence is a derivation from humility and vulnerability,

Every time I exercise my rights there’s no futility.

Shootings on these streets due to anger and jealousy,

We are losing good men is what God is telling me.

Understand my purpose completely, so nobody can defeat me,

Ascended to the throne due to the public’s decree.

Joint ventures, taking the helm, the mark of the final boss,

Everyday I’m hustling harder than Rick Ross.

Privacy is important, moving unorthodox like a contortionist,

My drive is based on diligence; call me fortunate.

Hunger pains, growing pains, no money in my pocket,

But I reversed the cycle of disparity, nobody can stop it.

I refuse to go broke another summer that’s a guarantee;

Popularity rising higher than a meme and a parody.

Hustling among the essence and illumination of the moon,

The future calls for a mansion with twenty-four rooms.


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