Refuse To Lose

Failure is like a crisis breeding new opportunities,

Leaders empower and give back to many communities.

Ideas sparkling like fountains and shining stars,

Plugging the battery in ready to recharge.

Writing all day, executing thoughts at night,

Putting up a fight, knocking goals out of sight.

Nobody will walk you through life, this is a fact,

Depending on others wellbeing only holds you back.

The reason for the grind is to open doors that were locked,

Insatiable hunger for more like the investment in stock’s.

Walking around asleep aren’t the requirements you should meet,

Harmonic rhythms inducing your heart to skip a beat.

Talent and intelligence doesn’t outweigh hard work,

Loving what you do is just one of the perks.

Investigating scenarios like the deep base on your stereo,

Only focused on progression of the hustle that’s ethereal.

Why grind hard for temporary appeasement like materials?

Constancy is striving for  excellence like the grains in hot cereal.

Life isn’t built without finding solutions to problems,

Active listening and affirmative action is how you solve them.

Emotions don’t play a part in negotiations, you need to reason,

Clear mind’s are ethically inclined like the pattern of pure breathing.

Getting made isn’t about getting paid,

It’s the transfer of knowledge to rise to a higher stage.

Cementing lanes within any industry is done by a revenue stream,

They might hate you, but must accept you for getting this cream.

Getting lost in the abundance of dollars is letting the devil takeover,

Decimating evil is executed by God giving you a four leaf clover.

Legendary status is being the coolest, but known as the baddest,

Greatness is all about neglecting what’s average.

Devote every hour to learning and elevation,

Never listen to degradation, intend to make life a celebration.


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