Too Fly

Try and send me to the grave I come out unscathed,

Dispersing light towards the shade, coming out clean from dirt like I bathed.

Mr. Originality: creationism writing sublime realities,

Antidote of truth; keeping it one-thousand to receive a salary.

Snakes in the grass slithering in silence,

Smooth don whose wild side is the epitome of violence.

Sitting on the throne, conducting business transactions at home,

Bulldozing through haters, expressions full of eloquence like a poem.

Can’t stop, won’t stop like Sean “Diddy” Combs,

Launched my business like a rocket without taking out a loan.

The last of a dying breed, planting righteous seeds,

Honor and loyalty is all I need; integrity instead of greed.

Official from the womb, fruits and vegetables I consume,

The majority of my meals are vegan, but I’m a pescatarian to the tomb.

Women adore my style, they love a bad man who disposes of memory files,

Cracking the vault requires an indecipherable code, not a gleaming smile.

Being this fly is an issue like a fingerprinted pistol,

Shining like the sunrise, visions clearer than crystal.

Golden words, silver lining, diamond business templates,

Writing at a prolific rate, strengthening my fate.

Pursue your dreams because it’s never too late,

Stop being negative, there’s no need to hate.

Get up with a purpose, dig deep beneath the surface,

I’m a superhero, Canadian treasure, and ringleader of the circus.

Spreading good vibes, giving you spectacular ineffable feelings;

So fly that I’m above the roof and the ceiling.

Watch the sky open up and shine brightly,

One of a kind, there won’t ever be another being like me.

Bad women aren’t for me, I need a a first lady,

A queen who is so fly that she’s absolutely crazy.

Taking breaks is important, but I neglect them,

Snitches deserve to die, why do you think they require witness protection?


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