Clarity Pays

Pick up a book, enhance your life, get better looks,

Kidnapping your rook, creating writing recipes like a cook.

The crown isn’t given, its earned through tenacity,

Tearing apart the meter due to work ethic and veracity.

Manipulation and deception is controlling the masses,

Seeing the truth defined with the strongest glasses.

Retiring these writers, ending careers, get out of here,

Adrenaline rushing, no fear, winning, climbing up stairs.

Vicious, monstrous, backing up your words with actions,

Refusing offers on the table, living the law of attraction.

Pescatarian, eating seafood, legumes, beans, grains and veggies,

Assortment of fruits are embedded in my diet heavy.

You want more energy than recharge the batteries,

Objectives completed, sky is the limit, destined to live lavishly.

The world won’t shut you out unless you accept it,

Success is only obtained from being rejected.

Practice intensely, work ethic is respected immensely,

Adapating through tough times will help you gain entry.

Patience is needed or your energy becomes depleted,

Character is built from the pain of being defeated.

Everybody can be a winner if they finish what they start,

The heart of a champion is on target like a target.

Unstoppable fervour, worldwide earner, remaining in the field like Turner,

Relaxing isn’t commended as a learner, conviction becomes firmer.

There’s no turning back now, slaughtering the man in the mirror,

Every vision is becoming clearer, polo shoe wearer.

Leaving enemies lost and dismantled like a broken picture,

Lethal combination of fire and taste like a cocktail mixture.

Misanthropic individuals preach God with the devil’s behaviour,

Even follow religious practices, they could be your neighbours.

These fools hate themselves, but won’t admit it,

Projecting shade on the righteous because they’re depressed and livid.


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