Above The Hate

The more hatred you receive, the hotter you become,

Anything is possible, it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

Grind until the wheels fall off and start running,

Push forward, dream big, never stop hunting.

Lose friend’s and family when you make yourself hot,

The fly women make them envious, real men laugh at thots.

Pain is consequential, the campaign is legendary and presidential,

Plant based proteins are essential, the essence of existential.

Snakes slithering, the decrepit are withering,

Sending chills through backbones, you can’t stop shivering.

Shady people instigate to set you up like a mob hit,

These aren’t even concerns to those who are truly rich.

Money amplifies the persona like a refreshing corona,

Schooling my readers, providing a degree and small time diploma.

I’m full of appeal, confidence, conviction, and determination;

Patience is trusting the process, while doing you can to build a generation.

Taking every hour into account like a financial institution,

Cashing in on independent bread, lavishly uprooting.

Climbing up the ladder requires you to take the stairs,

But it’s like I’m on an elevator, seeing another hemisphere.

Carrying the world on my shoulders like bosses do,

Striving for enlightenment, benefiting off the blasian blues.

Letting the young soldiers deal with the contradictions on the streets,

Distributing books like Avon Barksdale, popular like Dre beats.

Keeping it one-thousand like a G,

Vicious, maniacal, showing the world what they can’t see.

Overtime is a necessity in this life to flourish,

Hustling to lose sleep, increasing the proclivities of my courage.

Analytical critical individuals are so pitiful,

Forcing opinions on others; exclaiming their obstruction of truth is biblical.

Victory is no longer an option it’s a lifestyle,

Time is on my side like the inception of the sundial.


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