Fighting And Rising

Kush rushing through my lungs, higher than the sky,

There’s a lot of money out here, you need to fight for your piece of the pie.

I’m spending the crust, investing the filling,

Receiving visions better than who I am because I’m willing.

Landing jabs, hammering down lethal combinations,

Crafting words that accelerate into a realm of scintillation.

Never trust anyone, don’t underestimate people,

At the end of the road we are all equal.

Showing what belief and having big dreams can do,

Making the devil powerless, all of the lies I can see through.

A lot of people counted me out, they thought I wouldn’t succeed,

Fervor in the heart of these words, you need to bleed.

The struggle only makes you stronger, builds up tolerance,

Defending what’s mine, attacking hard on offense.

Taking a loss only means victory is on the horizon,

Prepared for war, life is consistent so there’s nothing surprising.

Satisfaction is the death of ambition, never satisfied,

Caring deeply about the value of family ties.

Everybody deserves to eat well, live in security and enjoy peace,

But tranquility has a price to pay, you need to conquer the beast.

Happiness cannot be stolen or penetrated;

Once you are in love with yourself you will be venerated.

My eyes are on all of my enemies, but they don’t cross my mind,

Time is on my side, just view the strength of my grind.

The city is calling my name, I don’t write for fame,

Acknowledgement at nightclubs usually comes from lames.

Dollars on reserve under the view of a telescope,

Selling the pathway of hope, holier than the pope.

Major moves are the only movements I understand,

Underdog on the come up, about to gain the upper hand.


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