Popular for exposing the fraudulent, superficial individuals,

Soon to be living off the benefits of residuals.

Eating pineapples, sipping green tea, love is free,

Focused on new ventures, just trying to be all I can be.

No smiles in pictures because I’m serious like religious scriptures,

Returned your girl back to you, I did more than kiss her.

Global wordsmith travelling the landscape, traversing the seven seas,

Building an empire to acquire more green than peas.

The throne has many responsibilities to uphold,

Heart so cold, beyond bold, all the cards I hold.

The mainstream media won’t give me a fair shot,

Breaking down the doors, infiltrating their thoughts.

Underrated, most hated author alive,

You will never see where I relax and reside.

Nobody wants to fight anymore, they just go in for the kill,

But you will fail miserably coming after me, I swear to God’s will.

Praying that somebody will try me,

But they won’t reach me because of how high I see.

Living life on the edge, pushing for progression,

I will only become hotter, my truest confession.

Don’t tell me to chill; writing to tear apart flesh

Putting the publishing industry under pressure like a full court press.

Producing justice, so only a select few are trusted,

I won’t trust anyone completely because God would be disgusted.

Tunnel vision on with the blinders destroying distractions,

Influential with lingerie and fashion, speaking about future business actions.

Nobody on my team bows down to another man,

We only know how to rise up like bread and expand.

Plastic bags, missing bodies, flesh and bones floating in the ocean,

Unsolved murders cause commotion like poisonous lotion.

Killer instinct, understanding what you think,

Whatever you desire to have I got the link.


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