Living To Give

If you don’t make me happy or better then I won’t come around,

Living in the library, but you would swear I’m in the sewers underground.

I don’t look for anybody to do me favors,

Drink water purified with no added flavor.

Had a lot of people bluffing saying they had my back,

We ain’t cool, you are just a sucker and hack.

Ageless due to a vegan diet, gifted genetics, and awareness of rats,

Mysterious like a cat, wisdom concealed under my hats.

Penetrating the impossible, there’s no way I’m coming back,

My best self is presented on the page, writing lifehacks.

Trifling women won’t get my attention or energy,

Working hard, hustling with the smoothest efficiency.

Ride or die is the motto, I don’t care about follows,

I love a freak who swallows, her head isn’t hollow.

Death is inevitable so make this life enjoyable,

The hereafter is either always magnificent or infinitely deplorable.

Bright lights, small city, but it’s major.

The kingdom is growing fast like a sixth grader.

I refuse to work a job I hate to put food on the plate,

Transformed my passion into lucrative career, I need all this cake.

Up all night thinking about how to make the next dollar,

Sometimes I’m writing a classic like a well-known scholar.

Taking no for an answer means you have given up,

Life is what you make it, don’t rely on the randomness of luck.

I don’t believe in luck but most people do,

Sick with writing poetry and prose like I have the flu.

Getting it in until the sunrises, what a celebration,

Listen deeply to what I’m saying if you need motivation.

Don’t bother to start a plan you won’t finish,

It’s like having money to buy a vehicle, but driving around a rented.

I don’t care if you’re religious or what you eat,

That doesn’t determine your goodness, beauty isn’t skin deep.


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