The highest, there’s no author whose greater,

I have the most haters, making an impact like a crater.

Pumping out words like their drugs on the block,

Shining under presssure, I won’t be stopped.

The rain descends down, lightning flashing brighter than tin foil.

Most see precipitation as negative because their not royal.

Fake people summon Satan when they pray,

Blooming like the flowers during this month of May.

I won’t spend time looking for signs,

God tells me to cherish my time, stay on my grind.

Forced impressionable smiles like the creation of tedious files,

Impeccable style, flyer than the design of marble tiles.

I swear I’m going to shine sooner than I think,

Switched over to veganism; no meat thawing in the sink.

Supplication is the foundation of every generation,

Bosses only kick it with bosses due to veneration.

Changing lanes, swerving into traffic, just avoided an accident;

Coming up through the adversity, burning up the flatulence.

Every time I write fire on the blank page,

Colder than ice, freezing up your rage.

Barricades were placed in the front of the doors,

Climbed up the castle wall, in order to really soar.

Power makes the humble man understand he doesn’t know much,

Burying the competition underground; call it a royal flush.

Writing is like the traphouse the way I stay up all night,

The emergence of light, plotting on me means losing the fight.

Nothing to lose, only the world to gain,

Born to revitalize the world like the essence of rain.

Hunger fueled by the passion for the craft,

Never worried about what happened in my past.

Planning for the future, making sure it’s in my favor,

The nutrients I savor, focused on succeeding like a laser.


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