Empowered Visions

Imagination isn’t overactive, just rapid,

Lucid and placid, burning authors like acid.

On top of my game, fully mastered,

The view from the ocean is classic.

Persevering through the hunger pains

Writing is done from a place of passion, not for fame.

Creating lanes acquires you disdain

See the truth, people call you insane.

Events happen when they need to,

Scripts on the table, examining the read through.

Honesty is the best policy,

There aren’t any acts, so the world acknowledges me.

Guys are lost chasing women, messing up their money,

Sacrificing their business demands; this isn’t funny.

Appreciating even the bleakest moments,

Living in the present, ready to own it.

Certified with words, you need to earn it,

Channelling stories that are hotter than a furnace.

Messing with frauds will get you robbed,

Connected under the radar like the mob.

Rules aren’t always meant to be adhered,

Most people won’t take a risk because their scared.

Women are choosing mean over Facebook and Instagram,

If I don’t meet you in person, then you won’t cross my land.

Comprehending signals, seeing the invisible,

Keeping my eyes open, avoiding conditions that are critical.

Winning doesn’t make you divisible,

It only enhances the intensity of the visuals.

I’m out for all of the cream and the custard,

Growing crops and planting seeds like mustard.

Punishing the haters, non-believers, enemies, and uninspired,

Planning to get anything I desire long before I’m retired.


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