Real Power

Money changes circumstances, but the world doesn’t change off cash advances,

The intelligence of your mind is the deepening of better stances.

When times bring pain I pour down passion like rain,

Grind to jump on the fastest train, the real possess shame.

I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, creating my post;

Instances I only speak to God about, chilling by the coast.

The ocean waves crash against the crescent of the moon,

One is trapped on land, the other flies high to consume.

Losing sleep, sometimes night’s won’t end,

I saw the top within reach without following trends.

Switched over the dietary priorities; part of the veganism minority,

Promoting peace, love, security, and whole foods for the majority.

Sometimes all I do is write rhymes all night for clarity,

Eat a large breakfast, and push onto prose that’s a rarity.

I can make the hardest head listen up,

Beating their behind, sending them to the wolves; ravenous lust.

Being dead broke isn’t enjoyable or appealing,

All the mind processes is killing and stealing.

Very few are loyal, everybody is squealing,

Heaven is my place to reside, but I don’t know the feeling.

Planning to blow millions before I reach the age of twenty-seven,

Prepared for everyday like an hour after eleven.

Saving and investing before I spend,

Good outside of all these publishing trends.

Writing helped build an empire, capturing the intangible assets,

Coming in directly from all different angles, always multifaceted.

Bowing down to man is for the faithless,

God has got my back when I’m wasted.

Fearlessness derives from constancy and tolerance,

Compassion enters into the equation for a pureed providence.

Speaking on secret recipes, cooking up storms to prevent disease,

Epidemics are endorsed by the meat industry, invoking intrigue.


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