The only hit I fear are the hands of God,

Lightning fast hands in a fight, knocking people off like the mob.

Hustlers won’t sleep on the genuine connections,

They capitalize situations from nothing, and never fear rejection.

I won’t allow anyone to step to me sideways,

Only value independence, doing things my way.

Stepping stones come in disguise, but won’t leave you deprived,

Focused on building a swift enterprise, only solutions subside.

Developing a squad with an unbreakable coalition,

Looking after others is like consuming fruits and vegetables for nutrition.

Be held accountable for the actions you disperse,

Breaking the cycle of every curse, the only place I finish is first.

Writing words down like a heavenly rendition,

Consolidation is the only route to my position.

Algorithms won’t determine the success I experience,

Speaking truth to the world, you care about appearance.

My generation doesn’t allow claims,

They shoot until your dead and blowout your brain.

These are the tactics utilized once your involved,

So don’t create problems and pray for resolve.

Pressure hasn’t made me nervous,

I get excited, articulate my purpose, and make you wordless.

Power is associated with intelligence, not money,

Admittedly, it helps, but I don’t care if you look at me funny.

Inviting all of the public scrutiny directly,

I’m planning to be worldwide like Pepsi.

But believe me, I’m not on the darkside,

I just understand the courage it takes to survive.

Drive and will only lead you uphill,

Ambition is only about going in for the kill.

Everyone has thought about giving up, after seeing no progress,

But seeds sprout from the ground up in a lucrative process.


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