Fruitful Grind

Ambition over beauty is living truly,

Real men defend a woman’s honor; it’s a God given duty.

Suckers talk down to their significant other,

I know people who would decapitate their own mother.

The world is foul, cold, ruthless, and evil,

Goodness comes from within the nature of people.

Life is astoundingly beautiful and breathtaking,

Moving strategically; nobody knows the moves I’m making.

Listening to jazz, getting ridiculously inspired,

Smoking weed so potent, you won’t get any higher.

Locking down any area that receives my presence,

Discovering the strength of my spirit created from the essence.

The seeds planted only pursue growth,

Whether the day is sunny or stormy, all I see is hope.

The roots of tree branches bear its due fruit;

Will you follow the righteous path or let every demon loose?

Laser like precision on the visions I’m given,

Revelations change lives positively, with a swift incision.

Literary monster, publishing genius without a sponsor,

Confident, classy, and charismatic, so any land I conquer.

Future so bright that its like a heavenly blinding light,

The sojourn through the tunnel tells me to fight.

Freelance writing financed the start-up of my publishing company,

My subconscious has awoken, I know what lies in front of me.

If you truly love yourself, you’ll never be envious of somebody else,

Hatred is negative energy that’s horrible for your health.

Only focus on peace and love, watch your life change,

Every situation is temporary, don’t fret over rain.

Embrace pain, channel it into ways to entertain,

Be a leading example, and you’ll be labelled as insane.

Public scrutiny and criticism only should make you work harder,

Every odd has been set against me, it only made me smarter.

Concentrate solely on the passion, repudiate all of the numbers,

Target an audience, but market to the world, and become hotter than summer.

Prepare your thesis and move like the breeze,

I’m so sick with the words, I spread like a disease.

Fearing another man is cowardly and foolish,

Reading every mind, analyzing every event shrewdly.

Painting picture’s like Kandinsky, scriptwriter of movies,

Overpowering the false authority of the unruly.

Vicious like fights that break out in prison yards,

Always grind hard and play your cards.

Evoking a keen sense of humor and seriousness,

Impenetrable like steel, stronger than the iron fist.

The government is hogwash designed to oppress the people,

Nepotism is the movement I believe in for a sequel.

The greatest author who will ever grace planet earth,

I had legendary teachers who showed me what I’m worth.


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