The Angles Of Angels

These men claim their kings, but they’re only peasants,

Pawns on the chess board, moving backwards thinking it’s pleasant.

One night stands aren’t something I participate in,

Had too many in the past, punishment reigned down for my sins.

Cautious around these snakes and heathens,

Powerful and respected because I won’t stop believing.

Karmic retribution isn’t a path to evolution,

The boomerang of life is shocking like electrocution.

Erupting like a volcano this summer,

Moving through the plight, staying undercover.

Illuminating the darkness like a campfire,

I can make a body disappear like The Wire.

Floating within the stars like a satellite,

Vision is enormous, I’ll never be the average type.

Buying into gossip is naive and idiotic,

Creating the impossible, prepared by a prophet.

Giving back is what matters the most,

Who cares about showing off, you need to pay the cost.

Golden drive shining like diamonds; ambition with perfect timing,

Capitalizing heavily off every book signing.

Futuristic depictions rendering unmatched fiction,

The best novelist alive; full of controversy and friction.

Plant ideas and watch the seeds sprout,

Undeniable clout, I never had any doubts.

Satan tried to take me out but failed miserably,

All he does is try to smile in my vicinity.

Stay alert, make plans, and put them into action,

Fame sucks, it becomes difficult to maintain traction.

Shadow boxing, timed sprints, enhancing my cardiovascular,

Precise, witty vernacular, you never met someone this spectacular.

Writing gold is all I know how to do,

Every author is underneath my prose like the bottom of a shoe.


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