Ultimate Confidence

I make things happen; there’s no time to watch,

Comprehend the work ethic it takes to get to the top.

Shining so bright it blinds your vision,

Observing the state of the world, before I make an executive decision.

Up all night writing a literary masterpiece,

The anticipation is out of this world–a thunderous release.

Smile in the worst of times and your best,

How do you expect to make it to success?

Under the radar, floating above the tufts in the clouds,

Smoking on potent loud, holding the remote like I control the crowd.

Crossing me is like swimming against the current,

You won’t even be able t identify my deterrent.

Dream like a giant when you’re awake,

Destined to get this cake, with a mansion by the lake.

Inspiring the living legends, creating new leaders,

Writing scripts for theater; always acquiring more readers.

Materialism isn’t a tool to depend on, but is a way to motivate,

Knowledge is freedom, teach the youth to articulate.

People swear too much; they treat it as a hobby,

Use your intelligence, manufacture a drive faster than an Audi.

Warm summer nights, penetrate the deepest sections of the soul,

Determined to complete my mission, watch the story unfold.

Nothing but the best is good enough for me like Frank Sinatra;

Globally revered like the melodic tunes of an opera.

Money is the root of all evil, but poverty is worse:

Satan has an unquenchable first, tempting you to follow his curse.

I annihilate all of the evil, treachery, and deception,

Giving children direction, conquer your own reflection.

I love the source of change, every goal is within range,

Never waste a word written, you can feel the pain.

The hometown hate I receive is childish and hilarious,

Mad at me because I don’t fear my gifts, beyond delirious.


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