The Laws Of Hustling

Sacrifices make the difference,

They change the state of your existence.

Pay yourself every check you receive,

Lock onto what you believe.

Never spend it before you get it,

Never rely on the use of credit.

Only buy items you can cash out,

Be able to pay for it multiple times, without a doubt.

Open up numerous revenue streams,

Plan your goals to accomplish your dreams.

Put family first before anything else,

Impress yourself and remain stealth.

Reflect broadly on past mistakes,

Collaboration is designed to integrate.

The present is responsible for your future endeavors,

Respect the actions of others, celebrate the clever.

Treat others how you want to be treated,

Accept the road to victory when you’re defeated.

Don’t let emotions play a role in decision making,

Create ideas that are energetic and groundbreaking.

Negotiate until you get what you deserve,

Bring the table, but keep chairs on preserve.

Support those who are genuine and authentic,

Banish the foolish pretenders, who are demented.

Hate and jealousy only puts you behind a wall,

Grind harder every time you fall.

Leave the world a better place than when you came,

Focus on knowledge, don’t do things for fame.

Let passion descend upon you like God from heaven,

Plan for tomorrow, today, like an hour before eleven.

Expand the scope of your belief,

Stay positive during turmoil and times of grief.



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