Illuminated Path

Going to do what no man has ever done,

Travelling on a sojourn, moving so fast you swear it’s my last run.

Bosses use their own bread for everything they do,

Independence is authentic, the rest of these lanes you can see through.

Creating substantial material; essence above ethereal,

The best author’s are poetically lyrical.

All I have is my word and my ball’s and they won’t get broken,

Cashews and almonds are the only nuts your soaking.

All of this jealousy and hate is comical,

It helps me write another chapter for the chronicle.

Ravenous snakes, who won’t cross heaven’s gate,

Writing to earn this cake, just a small part of my fate.

Only the uninspired feel comfortable and cozy,

Most judge my demeanor, but don’t even know me.

Changing up every single, building off progression,

Working even harder when I’m hit with a brick of depression.

Cowards act like they’re the toughest humans alive,

But won’t harm a fly, they live to lie.

Finding the truth takes meticulous research,

Exposing the superficial until I get buried in the earth.

Taking what’s mine is an impossible task,

Ladies Prism is a romantic novel that will come up fast.

I only accept the truth if the party presents the proof,

Integrity is what I instill inside the minds of the youth.

Living life however I please, so blessed like a sneeze.

Burning writer’s out of existence; Scotian Breeze.

Educational, teaching children that passion is inspirational,

Every word written is motivational, elegantly sensational.

International superstar,since I came out the womb,

Fulfilling my destiny, one of the finest grooms.

Confidence with every step I take,

Charisma in every breath I make.


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