The Game

You won’t be able to beat me, every paragraph designed neatly,

Only into independent women who aren’t afraid to get freaky.

Nothing under the sun that I fear,

Throughout all of the tough times I persevere.

God and family are the only thing’s that matter,

Writing literary classics only make my pockets fatter.

Viewing the future through the contents of my crystal ball,

Getting directly to the point; this isn’t a casting call.

Comparing yourself to others is a weak way of living,

Focused on providing a divine message, understand what I’m giving.

Nobody should validate the height of your existence,

The definition is deeply embedded in your persistence.

People act like it’s all love, just to be nosy,

I can’t put my feet up and be cozy.

There’s too much to accomplish and conquer,

Eating these writer’s alive because I’m a monster.

The sun shines down upon me, exuding rays of light,

Alleviated my plight, you won’t get anywhere unless you fight.

Intelligence is knowing how to respond and when,

Knocking down these goals like bowling pins.

Never told a lie on the blank page yet,

And I don’t plan to start, only becoming a larger threat.

Put too much time in to turn back now,

This world is full of wickedness, but it isn’t judged as foul.

Children getting shot down on the streets, men fighting in prisons,

Satan makes an incision, and influences the majorities decisions.

Magazine’s infiltrate the mind, tell women they should be skinny,

Boatox, silicone injections, liposuction, plastic surgery doesn’t mean you have plenty.

I have dreams to be around model’s, and its not for aesthetics,

It’s to prove the truth about the industry, the establishment is pathetic.

Kicking down doors, creating opportunities during tragedy,

Trust me: I understand why you fraudulent people are mad at me.


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