Persistence Pays

Children aren’t eating, they don’t have water in their system,

The oppressors laugh maniacally but claim their Christian.

Advertisements tell women they must be abnormally slim,

Collagen injections and implants aren’t the way to win.

Will the spreading of this sickness ever cease?

The goal is for the world to live in peace.

But these malicious concepts promote hatred,

The drama continues, people become stagnate and complacent.

Everyone says they want to ball but won’t lose sleep,

If you want to win, you have to play for keeps.

Observing the scene, creating complex themes,

Scheming the largest scheme, looking after my team.

Allah knows what is behind and ahead of me,

Relief through these words, reviving those who are dead to me.

Pray, prepare, plan, execute daily like the hands of an hour,

Competition gets demolished by my power, fresh like blooming flowers.

The godfather of this writing professions, teaching lessons,

Everyday I ask myself the important questions.

Satisfaction is a fatal attraction like pure thoughts with no actions,

Saving money like a fraction, accumulating bread off captions.

Punishing these superficial writers, they don’t deserve a check,

Other than myself, everyone under my umbrella is up next.

The rain pours down from the heaven skies,

Open up your eyes, think critically, stop believing insecure lies.

Official since the day I was born, changing forms,

Leaving haters torn, claiming their hot but not even warm.

Impossible to move me out of my zone, on the move like a mobile phone,

Tracking me takes more than a satellite, building an empire like ancient Rome.

Every concept I create is an addiction,

Producing messages that soar beyond the realm of fiction.

One of the coolest men in the world; debonair and fly,

Boldness in my face, humble and confident like the tufts of clouds in the sky.


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